Oxygen Facial: The Acne and Aging Treatment

If you want to treat some of the signs of aging (like fine lines, wrinkles, and discolouration) and revitalise your skin using non-invasive, non-surgical methods, then consider having an oxygen facial.

Oxygen facials may also be suitable if you want to clear up the signs of acne, rosacea, or milia on the face. 

Here at Beauty Barn Clinic and Spa, we are one of the leading providers of oxygen facials in Liverpool. We also offer package deals that include hydro facial treatments for the ultimate facial deep clean!

Read on to find out more on oxygen facials and how they work!

What is an oxygen facial?

Oxygen facials are a form of anti-aging facial treatment that involve the application of highly-concentrated blasts of oxygen to the epidermis of the skin. The oxygen is often used alongside nutrients and minerals to leave your skin nourished and plump.

Your clinician will use a thin wand to apply the oxygen stream across your face using controlled movements, leaving behind a magical glow and an increase in collagen.

They are a suitable form of facial for nearly everyone because they can be used on sensitive skin and they leave very little damage to the skin behind by way of side effects.

After your treatment you will have a more nourished face with plump skin displaying a gorgeous natural glow.

Oxygen facial vs chemical peel

Just in case you were wondering, oxygen facial vs chemical peel is a very real debate but we believe that both treatments have their own pros and cons.

Oxygen facials are non-invasive and can be done quickly and frequently with very minimal side effects. You will be able to apply your usual make-up straight after your treatment. However, these facials do only affect the outermost layer of your skin.

On the other hand, chemical peels are a bit harsher on your skin and will usually leave you with some form of downtime where you should wait for your skin to heal before applying makeup. By removing the outermost layer of skin and treating the skin beneath though, chemical peels can have longer lasting, positive aesthetic effects.

Woman receiving chemical peel

How long does an oxygen facial last?

Oxygen facials cost £55-£60 and a session lasts for around 50 minutes. You should retain the benefits of your treatment for up to a week afterwards. Perfect for if you are preparing for an upcoming event!

When you arrive for your appointment, you will first be treated with a skin cleanse. This will involve either a steam or another form of exfoliation so that your skin is completely clear of any nastiness that may affect your treatment.

After this, we’ll apply an Epionce firming face mask that will both hydrate your skin and help prepare it for the application of oxygen that will soon arrive.

The oxygen facial is the next step in the process and will be used to apply our cocktail of Hyaluronic acid serums across the skin for the perfect anti-aging boost.

You will then be able to return to your normal facial care routine and apply any moisturisers, sun cream, or makeup as usual.  

Does an oxygen facial help with acne?

Yes, oxygen facials can help clear up acne as well as rosacea and other skin issues! We recommend oxygen facials for anyone seeking milk spot removal too.

Acne can be the result of stubbornly trapped dirt, oil, or sebum in the skins pores. Oxygen facials completely cleanse your skin, removing these unwanted materials and closing your pores afterwards. 

Woman receiving facial treatment

Does an oxygen facial hurt?

One of the best features of oxygen facials is that they have no painful side effects! At most, you may expect to leave your treatment with your skin slightly red. However, you are free to go back to your daily routine immediately. This includes following your usual makeup routine.

If you’re receiving oxygen treatments on their own then you can return for a follow up appointment within just a few weeks. This makes oxygen facials an amazing choice of anti-aging and skin nourishing treatment for if you know you have an event to prepare for and want your skin to be in the best shape that it can possibly be.

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