Non-Surgical Face Lifts in Liverpool

If you feel like you would like to improve your appearance, but are unsure about surgery and all the risks and costs that come with it, a non-surgical facelift could be the answer.

What is a Non Surgical Facelift?

Non-surgical face lifts are just that, a number of procedures that, when used together, give the face the appearance of having been lifted and rejuvenated.

Why Choose Our Clinic?

We are delighted to be able to offer you a wide variety of the best, most advanced non-surgical face lift treatments available on the market in our beautiful clinic based in Liverpool.

We’re constantly researching the latest advancements in the industry and continuously add new treatments to our portfolio so you know you’ll get the best treatment for you, leaving you with the very best results.


If you’re looking for a gentle procedure that will give you immediate results then Endermolift could be the non-surgical solution for you.

While visible signs can be seen immediately, they will also improve over a course of treatments.

We use a clinically proven technique to lift the skin tissue, break down fatty deposits and increase collagen stimulation in your skin. A single treatment can also increase the level of natural Hyaluronic Acid in your skin by up to 80%.

As with all of our non-surgical procedures, we begin with a consultation so we can tailor the treatment to achieve the best results taking into consideration your face shape and the unique needs of your skin.

All of our courses include before & after pictures.

  • Single Full-Face Treatment (30mins)                              
  • Course of 5 Treatments (30mins)                                    
  • Course of 10 Treatments (30mins)                                     
  • Just Eyes (15ins)                            
  • Course of 5 Eye Treatments                                 
  • Course of 10 Eye Treatments             


For instantly amazing results we can’t recommend our lift & sculpt facial highly enough.

We combine Microcurrent, Radio Frequency and Ultrasonic technologies along with Collagen and an Enzyme Peel to give you the best facial you could ever have!

Our super facial starts with an Enzyme Peel to remove dead skin cells on the surface and is followed with Radio Frequency and Ultrasonic and Microcurrent techniques which will

lift and reduce lines.

We then finish with a prescriptive mask based on your individual skin needs for absolutely stunning results.

Using this specialist mix of treatments will:

  • Reduce lines & wrinkles
  • Lift, firm, tighten and plump loose facial skin
  • Lift and improve the appearance of Jowls
  • Lift the eyebrows
  • Reduce puffy eyes & dark circles
  • improve the appearance of crow’s feet
  • Drains excess fluid which reduces puffiness
  • Instantly brightens your skin                   
  • Single Treatment (55mins)                                     
  • Course of 5 Treatments                                   
  • Course of 10 Treatments                                   
  • 30-minute Treatment                              
  • Course of 5 Treatments                                        
  • Course of 10 Treatments

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