Very few of us can look at ourselves in the mirror and be completely happy with what we see, this inevitably leads us to chase a dream of our own version of perfection.

Being overweight, carrying excess skin or not being able to shift those last few pounds and get the body contour you would love can lead to low self-esteem which, in turn, can affect your mental wellbeing and happiness.

There are many reasons why we’re never 100% content with what we see and sometimes our expectations are unreal – based on photoshopped images online or unrealistic diets that can’t be maintained.

Thick fat stores under the skin can become resistant to being broken down by dieting which means that, even when we lose weight, our body doesn’t look the way we want and our clothes still don’t fit as we would like.

We provide a range of services to help you on your way to a body shape that is closer to what you want.

We start with a consultation to make sure we know what your goals are – and to make sure they are achievable.

We’ll always be honest and give you realistic expectations before we start with any weight loss or body contouring treatments.

We will also provide before and after pictures so you can see just how far you’ve come. If you’d like more information on any treatments that we provide or would like to book a free consultation then contact us now