Facials and Hydrofacials


40 mins

This is the best place to start if you’re unsure where to begin as it’s our lowest level treatment that still gives immediate results.

We’ll assess your skin and advise on the best course of treatment moving forward. This is suitable if you’re simply looking for a skin boost or to help with adult acne, scarring and skin redness.

This treatment is suitable for normal and sensitive skin.


50 mins

An oxygen facial works by having a highly-concentrated stream of oxygen molecules sprayed directly to your skin’s epidermis which leaves you with a stunning glow – it helps to nourish skin and promotes collagen growth.

This facial is designed to help combat the signs of aging. It delivers concentrated oxygen directly to your epidermis to leave a plumper smoother look.

​The 50 minute treatment includes: cleanse, steam or exfoliation if needed, epionce firming face mask, oxygen and a cocktail of anti-aging Hyaluronic acid serums.

​For the ultimate time changing, anti-aging results we can combine this with our Microcurrent Facial:

10 sessions of non-surgical face lift x2 per week AND 4 sessions of Oxygen Facial


55 mins

Course of 4

This is our most advanced deep clean facial yet!

Benefits: Cleans pores, deep clean of the skin, unblocks blackheads, exfoliates dead skin, plumps skin reducing the appearance of lines & wrinkles.

Includes: Deep cleanse, Hydro exfoliation and Peel if needed, extractions, cryo ice cold skin treatment finished with oxygen.

For clients of skin club there is an upgrade charge of £10 for this facial.

Treatments are recommended every 2 weeks for skin improvement.

Milia removal can be added to this facial for an extra £10


40 mins

This is the perfect intense brightening facial and includes radio frequency, ultrasound, Cryo cold skin treatment and Oxygen.


30 mins

This is an express facial which is perfect if you’re short on time or you just want to give your skin a boost in between our longer sessions.

It includes Hydro exfoliation and extraction, peel if needed and we finish with our hyaluronic acid serum cocktail to leave your skin with the ultimate glow!


30 mins

This facial is a combination of the above but adapted to suit teenage skin issues.


1hr 15mins

Milia are small white or yellowish raised cysts, bumps or spots on the skin which are usually found around the eye area and cheeks, but can also appear anywhere on the face or body.

Milia are different to standard pimples and spots as they feel hard, almost like there’s a small piece of grit lodged under your skin. They also don’t cause the redness or inflammation that can be associated with acne and whiteheads.

Milia can disappear naturally but that can take a long time to happen so a consultation with one of our skin experts will determine whether a course of treatment would help you.

If treatment is appropriate this can be done in clinic using a sterile needle.

We’ll clean your skin and then use the needle to create a tiny incision and the contents of the milia are then carefully extracted.

The treatment is then finished off with a combination of a hydrofacial and peel.


30mins – Open pore express facial

55min – Open pore facial (includes, hydrofacial, peel and steam if needed

Almost a third of women say they’re more concerned about open pores than wrinkles.

Pores can be split into two categories; oil pores and our sweat pores, both of which play a vital role in skin health, although, they can cause havoc on your complexion.

Technically speaking, there is no such thing as an ‘open’ pore – all pores are open to allow the body to get rid of both perspiration and toxins. There are, however, large pores and small pores.

While we can’t make large pores smaller, we can help make them appear smaller through specialist treatments.

Pores often become more prominent in our later years as certain biological responses slow down such as our production of collagen and elastin fibres. As these deplete, our skin begins to sag, tugging too on the pores causing them to stretch and appear larger.

Following on from your initial consultation with one of our skin experts, we’ll determine the best course of treatment to help you. For more information on any of these treatments or to book an appointment, please contact us now.

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