Skin Treatments

Skin treatments aren’t just pampering facials once in a while, a skin treatment is specific to your skin and designed specifically for you by an expert skin therapist.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body but it’s one that is often taken for granted until you have a problem with it. It’s constantly protecting you so taking care of it now can help prevent future problems and take years off your appearance.

Nothing gives you more self-confidence than knowing your skin is radiant and looking its best which is why we offer a range of skin treatments which can help delay the signs of aging and undo some of the damage caused by acne, stretch marks or scarring.

We can also help you with milia removal and treating open pores, which many women are more concerned about than wrinkles according to a report by L’Oreal Paris.

Your journey to more luminous, hydrated skin begins with a consultation with one of our expert therapists who will take a detailed history of any conditions you have and learn about what your overall goal is.

They’ll then work with you to design the best course of treatment which will leave you with the best skin you’ve ever had.

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Skin Club

Our Skin Club is perfect if you’re serious about looking after your skin for the long term, or you know someone who is.

The VIP card is an exclusive membership card which gives you access to regular discounts, first chance to claim any extra appointments that become available before anyone else and you will find out first about our latest offers and events!

Every month you can pick one treatments from our range of Facials, Skin Treatments, Peels, Super Facials or Dermplaning to the value of £65!

Or you can pay a little extra and upgrade to one of our more intense treatments such as Microneedling.

And, as if that isn’t enough, you’ll also receive 10% off any additional bookings in the month and special offers on products. 

You won’t find a better offer, so get in touch to sign up now. It’s just £45 per person per month (paid by direct debit) and a one-off joining fee of £15.

Message, email or call to book. Minimum term 3 months.