How to Treat Large Open Pores

All over our bodies our skin is filled with tiny pores. These pores are needed for our skin to regulate itself by producing an oil called sebum.

However, while they are completely natural and everyone has them, people generally don’t like having visible pores on their face.

At The Beauty Barn Clinic & Spa, we offer affordable pore facial treatments to make visible pores appear smaller and also clean them out of any nastiness that can become clogged in our skin such as oil and dead skin cells.

What causes open pores?

The term ‘open pores’ is actually a myth. All of our pores are open! If anything, when our pores become clogged, they can turn into spots so open pores are more desirable.

What people may be concerned about is having large visible pores. These are the ones that can cause skin to look dull or otherwise disrupt your complexion.

Why are my pores getting bigger?

Pores may increase with size naturally as we age.

When we get older our body naturally produces less collagen and elastin in our skin. This can cause skin to sag and become less firm and plump. Because of this, visible pores on our face can become larger as the skin around them has sagged more.

There are other factors that can cause pores to increase in size too. Things like sun damage and excess sebum production can make pores grow larger over time.

Having large pores can also be a genetic trait and can be inherited from our parents or grandparents.

What causes large pores on nose and cheeks?

The pores on our face, chest, and back contain larger oil glands than the pores on the rest of our body. This is why the pores on our nose and cheeks can appear larger than other pores on, say, the arms or the legs.

Fortunately, large pores can be treated to look smaller and become less noticeable on the face, neck, or any other problem area.

How to reduce pore size

While pores can’t actually be made physically smaller, they can be treated to appear smaller and less noticeable all while cleaning them and improving your complexion.

So if you’re wondering how to minimise pores then we can provide you with help through our open pore facial treatments and get you feeling more confident in your skin and more radiant in your complexion.

What is good for shrinking pores?

We offer two different open pore facial treatments:

  • Open pore express facial (£40)
  • Open pore facial (£65)

The open pore express facial is a quicker treatment and only takes 30 minutes to complete. This makes it perfect for a quick trip into the clinic when you get the chance during your busy schedule.

If you attend our full open pore facial treatment, this will last for 55 minutes and includes a hydrofacial, skin peel, and a steam. We find this to be the best way to naturally reduce the visibility of pores on the face and the treatment will leave you refreshed, revitalised and looking amazing.

LED light therapy can also treat large pores by tightening the skin. Your treatment provider can advise you on the right colour of LED therapy to suit your goals.

Laser treatment for nose pores?

There are other methods of treating large visible pores, including laser treatments. Currently we do not offer these treatments, but the aim of them is to boost the collagen production in the skin and therefore firm up the visible pores.

When you come for a consultation at The Beauty Barn, you’ll meet one of our skin experts who will take a look at your skin and listen to your concerns and then recommend the best treatment plan for your needs.

If you would like to know any more information about our open pore treatments, or any other treatment that we offer such as milia spot removal, then please get in touch with our team at The Beauty Barn Clinic & Spa now.

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