Can I Shave After Laser Hair Removal?

Most people find waxing and threading tiresome and painful. Fortunately, there is an alternative that’s highly effective if you’re looking to get rid of unwanted body hair – laser hair removal.  

Laser hair removal prevents hair regrowth which means you won’t need to constantly shave or wax to maintain a smooth, hair free body.

Since laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure, it’s important to conduct a consultation to make sure you know what to expect and so we can make sure there’s nothing stopping you from having the treatment. 

We always get lots of questions including ‘can i shave after having laser hair treatment’ but before we get to that…

What is Laser Hair Removal?

If you’re not a fan of body hair then laser hair removal is one option you should consider.

At Beauty Barn, we deliver daily laser hair removal treatments in Liverpool so we’re very familiar with the process.

It involves concentrating powerful beams of light through the pigment of hair, onto the hair follicles. The heat causes the destruction of hair follicles and hair bulbs.

Aside from being one of the most popular hair removal treatments, the procedure has a range of benefits over traditional shaving and waxing. 

First off, you will love the precision the treatment offers. Concentrated lasers target unwanted hairs without damaging your skin.

Then there’s speed. Each beam takes seconds or even less to treat a large area. It will take you around one minute to fully treat the upper lip and other small areas. Larger areas such as your legs may require several minutes’ treatment.

You may require an average of 6 to 8 sessions (four weeks apart) to attain permanent hair loss – after which you won’t need to worry about hair regrowth. Considering the impact of this can have on a person, many say the cost of laser hair removal is reasonable.

If you are having an aesthetic treatment like microdermabrasion after laser hair removal then this gap between appointments is especially important.

Some clients report a minor irritation after the treatment – if the irritation continues or you are feeling anxious then please contact us immediately. 

Should You Shave After Laser Hair Removal?

Hair grows in cycles, which means some hair may regrow after your session with us, that’s simply because some of the hair may not have experienced the full impact of the laser. 

So, yes you can shave after laser hair removal if hair grows, but don’t do it immediately after the laser treatment procedure. 

We also advise that you shave in between your sessions, for the best results, make sure to shave no more than 24 hours before you come in to see us as shorter hair makes it easier for the beams to locate hair follicles. 

Often, laser hair removal requires multiple treatments especially if you need the treatment on a larger area like the back or the legs.

In such instances, you are likely to see hair regrowth but that shouldn’t worry you – just shave and attend the recommended sessions to get rid of the regrowing hairs.

You will notice the hair become finer and less after each session.

Don’t Wax After Laser Hair Removal

You shouldn’t wax after the treatment because laser hair removal works best when strong light beams are focussed on hair follicles. Waxing works by pulling the hair straight from its roots under the skin.

Lasers will be left with no place to hit, making the whole treatment less effective – you don’t want that to happen, right?

That is why it is recommended that you either shave or use trimming creams either the night before or on the day of your next laser treatment session.

Of course, every body is different and if you’re still unsure about when or if you need to shave then speak to your therapist who will be able to advise on what’s best for you. 

woman receiving leg waxing treatment

Consider Exfoliating Before Shaving

A few days after the laser hair treatment you will experience ‘shedding’ – this is a sure sign that the lasers did a good job. 

The hairs falling off are those that were damaged by the treatment in the previous session – they are dead hairs.

With that in mind, we recommend that you exfoliate before shaving as it helps rid the treated area of damaged hairs. 

While this is not a necessary step, it will allow you to shave more effectively.

Tips for Shaving After Treatment

Laser hair removal can leave you with a burning sensation on your skin. Shaving directly after treatment may make things even worse – a situation you don’t want. 

The tips below will help you achieve the best results within a short period.

  • Don’t shave too soon. Give the treated area enough time to heal. You will know that it has fully healed when it is no longer touch-sensitive or when irritation starts going away.
  • Exfoliate after 4 or 5 days. Exfoliation helps rid the treated area of damaged hair. Allow the area enough time to heal fully. Also, note that not all patients experience skin sensitivity and irritation in the first few days, but that doesn’t mean that the treated area is healed. 
  • Track your shaving habits. Keep track of how often you need to shave between treatments, the less frequent the need to shave, the more effective the treatment is.

Shave at the Appropriate Time

Shaving too far away from your appointment or too soon after it are the 2 most common reasons why laser hair removal might not be as effective. 

If you shave too far in advance then the hairs will be too long and the laser can’t hit the follicle as it should, while shaving too soon after your treatment can cause more irritation as your skin is still healing. 

Speak to your therapist about the best way to stay on top of your maintenance and always consult a Doctor if you have any underlying health issues that may be triggered by the treatment and let your therapist know at your consultation before your course of treatment begins. 

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