Microdermabrasion after laser hair removal

Microdermabrasion is an exfoliating skin treatment that has been around for a while now and is popular with people looking for a way to rejuvenate their skin or to treat fine lines, acne scars, or hyperpigmentation among other skin conditions.

People favour microdermabrasion because it is quick, minimally invasive, and relatively cheap. It can definitely be beneficial to have just one treatment but for optimal results six to ten treatments are recommended.

Can you have microdermabrasion after laser hair removal?

You can have microdermabrasion after undergoing laser hair removal but you will have to wait for your skin in the area being treated to recover first.
can you have microdermabrasion after laser hair removal

If you are considering starting a treatment at our laser hair clinic in Liverpool but are in the middle of a microdermabrasion treatment plan then it is important to know how the two procedures will affect each other.

It will do you no harm to know how laser treatment effects all other aesthetic procedures, so you know what options are available to you during your treatment plan.

How does microdermabrasion work?

There are two main types of microdermabrasion. Both options can be performed by dermatologists as well as plastic surgeons.

Crystal microdermabrasion shoots fine crystals onto the skin and sucks them back up through a vacuum. This process exfoliates the skin using the crystals as a scrubbing material.

More standard microdermabrasion methods utilise a diamond-tipped tool that acts as a gentle cleanser on the skin. The abrasive surface of the diamond tip removes the thicker, dead skin cells on the outside of the skin and leaves untouched, smooth skin in its space.

While they might sound painful, the procedures are virtually painless. People who have had microdermabrasion often liken it to being licked by a cat’s tongue due to its coarse texture.

Regardless of what method of microdermabrasion you go for, the recovery time is the same: minimal. You can walk out of the treatment clinic and resume your skin care routine relatively as normal. You should use a gentle moisturiser to keep the skin hydrated and use sun cream for a few weeks because your skin will be more sensitive to the sun.

This is where there may be an issue if you want to proceed with microdermabrasion and laser hair removal at the same time.

Women receiving microdermabrasion treatment

How long should I wait for microdermabrasion after laser hair removal?

We have discussed how long in between laser hair removal treatments it is best to wait, but if you are receiving microdermabrasion treatment does this make that period longer?

The good news is no, you can still attend laser treatment sessions to combat your unwanted hair every four weeks.

Unlike chemical peels and some other forms of dermabrasion, microdermabrasion does not affect the pigmentation of your skin. This means that it is suitable for most skin types, and can be performed in conjunction with laser hair removal.

However, you will have to wait a short period after laser hair removal to allow your skin to heal before undergoing microdermabrasion. Likewise, you will have to wait for your skin to recover after microdermabrasion before having laser hair removal.

Fortunately, this makes the process quite easy to recommend! The best way to time your procedures would be two weeks after each other. This means you have equal time between treatments and your skin will have recovered and better prepared to be treated again.

Client receiving laser hair removal on her face after microdermabrasion treatment

Should I still have laser hair removal if I want microdermabrasion?

You should 100% go ahead with laser hair removal treatment if you are planning on having microdermabrasion procedures. The two treatments will not impact each other if you time your procedures correctly.

Laser hair removal is still the best way to target the hair follicles and destroy them, preventing further hair growth in the treatment area while avoiding common side effects from shaving like ingrown hairs.

If you are thinking that the rules around what you can do and what you can’t will be too complicated when juggling both of the procedures then don’t panic. Just like with shaving after laser hair removal, you will always have specific treatment advice that needs to be followed between treatments. Having to wait a week or two before having microdermabrasion is just another one of these instructions that is very much doable and is designed to help your treatment goals in the safest and most effective way possible. 

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