Non-Surgical Facelift Costs

If you are wondering what the non-surgical facelift price in the UK is then keep reading the rest of our post and find out.

Non-surgical facelifts are a great way of revitalising your facial appearance without having to go through any invasive surgical procedures to do so.

They don’t just save you from going under the knife, they also save you a lot of money too. With surgical facelifts, you can expect to pay thousands upon thousands of pounds. Some surgeries may even rack up five figure bills costing you up to £15,000.

Today, non-surgical facelifts are very advanced and can produce some amazing results especially in relation to their cost and lack of downtime after the procedure.

How much does a non-surgical facelift cost?

There are multiple types of non-surgical facelift so you can choose one that best suits your needs. These prices range from £45 – £65 per session.

One of the best things about choosing a non-surgical facelift at Beauty Barn is that we can precisely customise our treatments to you and your goals.

If you just want some improvements to your cheeks or jowls then we can do just that. Or, if you’d prefer a full facelift then we can do that too. We won’t pressure you into choosing something that you’re not interested in.

In fact, our expertly trained members of staff will be able to tell what will work for you and what won’t and can guide you to the most effective way of treating your own specific problem areas.

Endermolift facelift pricing

Endermolift, a form of non-surgical facelift brought to you by the people behind LPG Endermologie, is a very popular choice of non-surgical facelift with clinical evidence supporting it.

Our costs include an initial consultation where we can give you an idea of what results you can expect and where we can see how viable the treatment is for you.

With Endermolift, you can decide to go for full face treatments or just eye treatments, so Endermolift may be the best choice for you if you are only interested in improving the look around your eyes.

How much do endermolift facelifts cost?

Full face treatments last for 30 minutes and cost £45.00 per session, or you can get 10 sessions for £310.00 if you book them in advance.

Just eye treatments last for 15 minutes and cost £25.00 per session, or you can get 10 sessions for £190.00 if you book them in advance.

Lift and sculpt facelift pricing

Another popular choice of non-surgical facelift that we offer our clients is the lift and sculpt facial. This is the ultimate facelift package where non-surgical options are concerned and combines many different tools and technologies to give you the best results possible.

With a lift and sculpt facial, you can expect to receive an all-round improvement to the face. This includes tightened skin, lifted eyebrows, reduced wrinkles, reduced puffiness across the face and the eye areas, as well as a reduction of dark circles and crow’s feet.

First, we treat you to an enzyme peel to remove the surface level dead skin cells and prime the skin for treatment.

Following this is a combination of radio waves, microcurrent, and ultrasonic waves using a specialised delivery method.

To finish up, you’ll have a prescriptive mask that we choose based on your skin type and needs. This really is a fabulous choice of facelift for anyone, and it comes with the benefit of being non-surgical and quick to perform!

How much do lift and sculp facelifts cost?

You can choose either 55-minute treatments or 30-minute treatments.

55-minute treatments cost £65.00 per session or you can get 5 sessions for £280.00 or 10 sessions for £520.00.

30-minute treatments cost £45.00 per session or you can get 5 sessions for £180.00 or 10 sessions for £299.00.

Woman receiving a facial mask

Alternative non-surgical facelift costs

We sometimes receive questions from our clients about other non-surgical facelift methods. While we don’t currently offer these in our clinic, we can provide some background information about what they are and what they usually cost.

Thread facelift pricing

Thread facelifts are a mildly-invasive form of facelift that requires you to receive topical and local anaesthetic.

This method of facelift uses micro sutures to pull the skin together and guide it into where you want it to be while stimulating natural collagen production by using a polydioxanone thread.

A thread facelift is more resemblant of a surgical facelift than other minimally-invasive treatments and may require a couple of days until full recovery.

How much do thread facelifts cost?

Thread facelifts in the UK usually cost above £800.00 and can be anywhere up to £5000.00.

Botox facelift pricing

Botox facelifts, otherwise known as liquid facelifts, are a form non-surgical facelift that’s made up of multiple injections of Botox or dermal fillers in specific problem areas of the face.

By injecting Botox or fillers into these areas, you can reduce the hollowed-out effect that can occur with age and instead create a youthful looking face full of vibrancy.

This treatment can have a more lasting effect than some other non-surgical facelift methods because your face gets more and more used to receiving Botox over time. Your first treatment may produce results that last for around three months, but treatments after that will likely produce results that last for longer and longer.

Because you will be injecting Botox and fillers, clinics may charge you per ml of units used for your specific treatment.

How much do Botox facelifts cost?

Botox facelifts in the UK usually cost anywhere between £1200 and £6000.

Woman receiving a Botox facelift
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