Non-Surgical Facelift Before and After Photos

Taking before and after pictures can be one of the best ways of telling just how successful your cosmetic treatment has been, and this applies to non-surgical facelifts just the same.

That’s why we include professional before and after photos as part of our non-surgical facelift packages. After your treatment, you can look back and see the comparison between your new look and your old look and identify the areas where you appear rejuvenated and smoother.

You can also look back on these pictures at a later date and compare how you look then to how you looked post-treatment, to see how the affects of ageing have impacted your post-treatment appearance.

Because our non-surgical facelifts require multiple sessions for optimal results, you can also compare yourself to your before pictures throughout the process and see how your appearance gradually changes.

Non-surgical facelifts comparison

We have two non-surgical facelift treatment packages for you to choose from: endermolift, and lift and sculpt.

Each package is better for treating different things, and each one comes with its own non-surgical facelift cost. So at a consultation with one of our brilliant clinicians we will discuss with you what you hope to achieve and have a look at your unique face and skin to make an assessment of what treatment package would be right for you.

Woman performing a facial as part of a non-surgical facelift

Endermolift non-surgical facelift before and after

As you may be able to tell from the name, the endermolift facelift is a treatment that comes from the people behind LPG endermologie.

Just like with other endermologie treatments, the endermolift facelift is non-surgical treatment and is performed by taking a special LPG endermologie device, known as a wand, and applying it to areas of the face.

You should notice an increase in skin elasticity and a decrease in fatty deposits after every session with an endermolift facelift.

That’s why before and after pictures are so important if you are receiving an endermolift treatment. If you look at a photo from between treatments 9 and 10, you’ll likely not see very much improvement. But if you look at pictures from before treatment 1 and after treatment 10 then you’ll see a massive improvement. See the images below for the best endermolift before and after photos.

LPG endermologie for face
Beauty Barn Client before and after endermolift
Endermolift chin photo
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Endermolift face comparison 1
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Lift and sculpt non-surgical facelift before and after

If you’d prefer a complete non-surgical facelift treatment that can be performed in half hour or hour-long slots to suit you, then you should opt for our lift and sculpt non-surgical facelift package.

With this treatment, you’ll receive a combination of many different treatment types beginning with an enzyme peel, then a microcurrent treatment, and finally a prescriptive mask.

The enzyme peel primes your face for the rest of the treatment and sets you up for the best results, and the prescriptive mask at the end of the treatment allows your clinician to personalise the treatment to your skin based on your needs.

Our microcurrent, radio frequency, and ultrasonic technology treatment works wonders to plump the skin and reduce visible lines and wrinkles. If in doubt about microcurrent treatment, check out progress photos below.

Before and after non surgical facelift photos
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Non Surgical Facelift Before and after comparison
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non surgical facelift side-by-side
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Will non-surgical facelifts work for me?

Before we begin any treatment, our expert clinicians will sit down and have a talk with you so we can find out what your problem areas are and what you hope to achieve from your treatment.

If we believe that you won’t benefit from a non-surgical facelift then we’ll let you know before beginning.

However, here at The Beauty Barn, we use the latest and most effective non-surgical facelift methods so we are sure that one of our treatments will be suitable for you. Although there may be some treatments that we currently don’t offer such as non-surgical face lift threading

So if you want to combat visible signs of aging, or if you have specific problem areas like your jowls, crows feet, or overall loss of skin elasticity, a non-surgical facelift will likely be right for you.

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At The Beauty Barn Clinic and Spa, we look forward to giving you the best possible results and seeing your happy face after realising how successful your treatment has been.

Get in touch with us to book a consultation and we can have a chat about your treatment goals and how we can make your dreams come true.

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