Waxing and Laser Hair Removal

Two of the most popular methods of hair removal in salons are waxing and laser hair removal. Both have their benefits when used separately, but do they have any benefits when using them both together?

Long story short: no. To get the best chance at long-term permanent hair removal, you need to choose laser hair removal and prepare your body for treatment by avoiding waxing before your sessions.

However, we understand that there are people who don’t want, or can’t have, laser hair removal. If that sounds like you then waxing remains a fantastic option!

We’ve put together some information that will be helpful for you if you’re considering getting either laser hair removal or body hair waxing at a salon. Enjoy!

Laser vs waxing

Waxing and shaving have differences in preparation, effectiveness, and aftercare. We recommend that, if possible, you choose laser hair removal if you want permanent hair loss. If you’re not eligible for laser hair removal for whatever reason, for example you cannot get laser removal when pregnant, then waxing is still a great choice but you will see only temporary benefits in comparison.

With waxing, you will probably need to receive treatment every 6 weeks. During this time, your hair will regrow so that the following waxing session is effective. The aftercare period with waxing is relatively short, with the advice being to avoid excessive sunlight and tight clothing for around 24 hours after treatment.

If you choose laser hair removal, then you will follow a treatment plan that usually consists of 6-8 sessions with a session delivered every 4 weeks. You will need to shave the day before your laser hair removal treatment for the best chance at success. In terms of aftercare, this period is longer than it is with waxing. You should avoid sunlight (such as tanning beds) for around 2 weeks after treatment, and avoid exercise for around 48 hours post-treatment.

Does waxing cause permanent hair removal?

No, waxing does not cause permanent hair removal.

The speed that hair grows back after waxing depends on many variables such as what body part has been waxed, how much hair growth you have in that region, and how long you’ve been waxing for.

On average, waxing is effective for around 3-6 weeks, although you will likely see some hairs regrow in the treated area within a week of your session. This is because hairs go through growth stages at different times. When you receive treatment, it is likely that you will have hairs that are nearing their growth stage and therefore will avoid being removed by the wax.

Does waxing reduce hair growth?

Yes, waxing may reduce the hair growth in a given area if it is repeatedly waxed.

With every session, you should be weakening the individual hair follicles, so that the hair that does grow back will be finer than before.

This effect is best when you regularly wax your hair rather than attend the occasional waxing session.

Wax or shave before laser hair removal?

Definitely shave rather than wax before your laser hair removal treatments. If you wax before your treatment, your hair will not be long enough to be affected by the laser.

By shaving the day before laser hair treatment, your hair will be around about the perfect length for the laser to be effective.

If you are struggling with hair presence after laser hair removal treatments, then you can speed up shedding of treated hairs by gently exfoliating – but wait 24 hours after treatment before you begin. This process will remove the weak hairs that are holding on to their follicle even though they have been treated by the laser.

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