Can You Have Laser Hair Removal When Pregnant?

Laser hair removal is frequently becoming part of more and more people’s lives in the 21st century. As the years go by, and the technology improves, even more people are choosing this treatment for their long-term hair removal solution.

This growth is expected, as laser hair removal is by far the most effective way to get rid of unwanted body hair.

But is laser hair removal suitable for everybody? For example, is laser hair removal safe to perform if you’re pregnant? Find out here from our expert laser hair clinic.

Is laser hair removal when pregnant safe?

No, we do not advise that our clients receive laser hair removal while pregnant.

It is likely that getting laser hair removal while being pregnant is perfectly safe, however there have currently been no long-term studies performed to measure the topic. So just to be on the safe side, we do not perform laser hair removal if our clients are pregnant.

While this may frustrate some of our potential customers, most people understand that we want to be as safe as possible, especially if our customers are lucky enough to soon be having a new addition to their family!

What if I start a course of laser hair removal and then become pregnant?

This is nothing to worry about. We will simply stop your course of treatments and then resume them when you are ready to return to the clinic after you have given birth.

As mentioned, it is very likely that laser hair removal is not a hazard, so do not panic if you find that you are pregnant after beginning a course of professional laser hair removal.

Is laser hair removal safe when breastfeeding?

Yes, laser hair removal is safe to receive if you are currently breastfeeding. Most clinics will be happy to perform laser hair removal for you after you have given birth, whether you choose to breastfeed or not.

However, for the safest course of action, it is advised that you do not get laser hair removal on or near your chest after you have given birth.

Once again, this decision is made with the health of your baby in mind, as there are currently no studies on if or how this treatment has an effect on your breastfeeding baby.


Hair removal methods when pregnant

Unfortunately, if you are pregnant and want to remove body hair then you will need to seek other methods aside from laser hair removal to do so. And it is likely that you will want to do so, as hormone changes that you experience when you are pregnant can result in the unusual growth of body hair.

Shaving or waxing are both recommended practices for the removal of body hair that you can resort to if you are pregnant.

While this may be unfortunate news for some of our clients who wish to receive laser hair removal, it is a rule that we follow and forms part of the guidance that we give to our clients when beginning a laser course, as we do with to waxing for laser hair removal or shaving after laser hair removal guidelines.

If you have any questions, then feel free to get in touch and one of our skin care experts will respond to your query!

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