Moisturising and Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular beauty treatments that clinics like ours provide these days.

This is down to the treatment’s very limited complications and side effects, as well as the effectiveness of the treatment at keeping unwanted body hair at bay over the long term.

After many years of improvements in laser hair removal technology, it is no longer the case that only pale people with dark hair can get laser hair removal to remove unwanted body hair. Now, there is equipment available that can allow people with darker skin and lighter hair to receive accurate and safe laser hair removal.

With the improvement in technology and the increase in the number of patients who will be eligible for laser hair removal, we want to take the time to discuss some of the more frequently asked questions that we see at Beauty Barn Clinic & Spa regarding the treatment. Specifically, this article will concern preparation for laser hair removal as well as treatment aftercare.

At the end of the day, we’re sure that you want to get your money’s worth from our treatments, and we want to ensure that you are happy and see the most minimal amount of side effects possible. Following our advice in this article will help you to do just that.

Laser hair removal advice

Before we answer our frequently asked questions, we want to advise that you follow the instructions of your chosen treatment provider.

When you receive treatment at Beauty Barn Clinic & Spa, you will first attend a consultation where we will have a chat with you about your eligibility for treatment and what kind of results you can expect.

During this conversation, we will also inform you of our preparation requirements and aftercare instructions that are specific to you and your skin. If you receive treatment at a different clinic, then you should follow their instructions as best as you can. If you have any doubts in what you are instructed, then please seek advice from an independent party.


Can you moisturise before laser hair removal?

You should not moisturise before your laser hair removal appointment.

The reason for this is because if you turn up to your appointment with moisturiser or any other substance on your skin, then you are creating a barrier between your hair follicle and the laser. This can reduce the effectiveness of the laser, and result in you not receiving optimal results.

However, you can moisturise your skin as normal in the days leading up to your appointment. It is only for your appointment where you cannot have moisturiser (or any other substance such as oil, sun cream, or deodorant if you are receiving underarm treatment) on your skin.

On the day of your appointment, you should take good care to clean the area that is to be treated in the shower. After this, apply no lotions, moisturisers, or creams to the area to ensure that it is as clean and ready for treatment as possible.

Can you moisturise after laser hair removal?

Yes, you can, and should, moisturise after laser hair removal.

While you should not moisturise before your laser hair removal appointment, after your appointment is a different story.

The best moisturisers to use after laser hair removal are perfume free. This will help to avoid excess skin irritation. Although, you will likely know yourself what types of moisturisers take to your skin best.

Some side effects of laser hair removal treatment include dry skin, mild skin irritation, warm skin, and red skin from the heat of the laser. For some people, this can be uncomfortable. Moisturisers can help to deal with this discomfort, as well as help to rid yourself of any symptoms as quick as possible.

One thing to avoid when it comes to skincare post-laser hair removal is exfoliating. After treatment, you should begin gently exfoliating the treated area once you begin to see your hair shedding and falling out. This is usually a couple of days to a week following your appointment.

Exfoliating in the shower is a good way of removing treated hair from the skin without causing excess irritation.


Laser hair removal treatments at Beauty Barn Clinic & Spa

Questions relating to moisturisers are common in our consultations, and so we hope that we have provided some if you’re considering getting laser hair removal.

If you want to get started in getting rid of your unwanted body hair without the trouble of regularly shaving or waxing, then get in touch with our expert skin clinic and we can give you a consultation and book you in for a course of treatment.

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