LPG Endermologie Technique

If you are looking for a clinic specialising in LPG endermologie in Liverpool then you are in luck. Here at The Beauty Barn Clinic and Spa, we were the first clinic to embrace endermologie treatments in the North West, and we have kept up to date with the technique ever since.

All of our staff remain informed on the latest training methods concerning endermologie equipment and techniques like with the LPG Cellu M6 machine so that they can provide you with the best service possible.

Endermologie lipomassage is such a broad treatment because it can be applied to specific areas across the whole body and it has no known side effects. That means we’re the confidence that everybody can benefit from some form of lipomassage treatment.

Although it has spread worldwide, a lot of people may not have heard of LPG endermologie because it is a treatment invented and popularised in America.   

Named after its founder Louis-Paul Guitay, LPG endermologie is a non-invasive form of lipomassage that improves skin quality by targeting skin cellulite and stubborn, resistant fat cells that refuse to move despite weight loss through diet and exercise.

If you are wondering how does endermologie work and you want to know more about the benefits of the treatment then read on to find out how you can improve your skin quality with quick and visible results.

Is LPG endermologie right for me?

There are many types of LPG treatments that we offer, so we are sure that you can benefit from some form of treatment regardless of what your individual concerns are.

One of the main reasons we receive bookings for LPG endermologie is to deal with cellulite. 90% of women regardless of their weight or shape are affected by cellulite, so it is very common and something we all go through.

Cellulite is formed by a build up of fat and water in the adipocytes. Over time, as this build up increases, the cells lose their shape and cellulite begins to form. This is often seen as an orange peel effect and it can get worse as time goes on.

We can use LPG endermologie tools to smooth cellulite before it gets to a late stage and with a bit more work can even treat late-stage painful cellulite.  

Other body treatments on offer at Beauty Barn include improving skin firmness and sculpting the body.

Targeting the fat cells in individual trouble areas like the waist, thighs, or arms can release fat in those areas that have resisted diet and exercise. This can help make your dream figure a reality.

If you suffer from heavy, swollen legs then lipomassage can help to alleviate this pain while also addressing it at its cause by improving circulation.

Aside from treatments on the body, we also offer facial treatments using LPG endermologie techniques to help with a number of common facial cosmetic issues.

By firming the skin on the face, endermologie acts as an anti-aging solution. Wrinkles and laugh lines will be tightened without having to inject any chemicals into the skin.

As we get older, our skin loses its ability to synthesise natural collagen and elastin. Lipomassage can assist the body in this and as a result you will see a reduction in double chins and an improvement in skin elasticity.

Typically, LPG results noticeably appear within three sessions, although we recommend a full course of at least ten sessions to receive the full, long lasting benefits that LPD endermologie lipomassage has to offer.

 cellulite on legs before lpg treatment

Are there health benefits for LPG endermologie?

Aside from the aesthetic and mental benefits that come with cellulite treatment and the reduction of sagging skin and resistant fat, there are plenty of physical health benefits too, which are brought on by draining the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system relates to the body’s immune system and waste regulation, and is spread throughout the whole body with nodes located in specific areas.

When our bodies come into contact with toxins, either digested or through the skin, our bodies suffocate these toxins with fat cells and water. While this is keeping our bodies healthy, it can lead to dull looking skin and a weakened immune system when the lymph nodes build up with toxins.

The endermologie technique naturally improves blood and lymphatic circulation by massaging the lymph nodes directly under the skin. This massaging releases fat and excess water, slimming the cells within the system. 

Lymphatic drainage can also lead to a huge number of other health benefits. This includes a faster recovery rate for surgery scars and burn scars (which the LPG endermologie technique was originally invented for before realising its cosmetic benefits!), and relief from insomnia, stress, and autoimmune issues.

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