How Many LPG Endermologie Sessions You’ll Need to See Results

LPG endermologie is a completely natural and painless non-invasive procedure capable of treating a wide range of cosmetic body and skin issues as well as improving overall physical and mental health.

The LPG endermologie technique involves using patented machinery to massage the body and stimulate the cells deep beneath the skins surface. It can be applied to the whole body, including the face, and tailored to combat specific ailments that you may have such as cellulite, pockets of resistant body fat, and sagging skin.

Each full body session takes around 35 minutes to complete, which makes it an easy treatment to fit into a busy schedule. Although please remember that endermologie is a long-term treatment and you will need multiple sessions to improve your problem areas, with some maintenance sessions after you finish your course of treatment to maintain the best results.

How quickly you’ll see visible results from LPG massage depends on what you’re trying to treat. If you’re trying to get rid of cellulite, then it will also depend on how far along your cellulite is.

Usually, the first signs of positive results can appear at around the third session, yet the best, most long-lasting results won’t appear until you are approaching the end of your treatment plan. After around 6 sessions, you should have an idea of how the treatment area should look going forward.

How many LPG sessions until I see results?

If you want the best results fast then you should fit 2 or 3 sessions in per week so you can fit as many sessions per month into the first month as possible. This session frequency is important for the initial treatment plan to encourage a fibroblast effect at skin level. What this means is that the cells in the skin will be activated and more receptive to treatment. After this, you can reduce the sessions per month down to maintenance levels.  


LPG endermologie sessions for results

Does endermologie work?

Yes, endermologie lipomassage can definitely improve a number of conditions on the surface of the skin and beneath it. How it works will vary slightly depending on what issue is being treated, but the process remains relatively the same.

LPG cellulite treatment works to smooth away the cellulite on your body by breaking down the resistant fat cells beneath the skin. The reason cellulite dimples appear on the skin is due to the accumulation of fat cells and water retention under the skin tissue. Over time when the number of these cells increase, they eventually spill over and create a dimpled effect in the skin, mainly in areas like the thighs, bum, hips, and arms.

By massaging deep into the skin, the cells are stimulated and then begin to break down the fat themselves through lipolysis, reducing the appearance of cellulite on the surface of the skin.

Lipolysis is the process when stored energy in the body is broken down and used, and frequently occurs in the fat adipocytes when fasting. Endermologie artificially engages this process so you don’t need to fast for long periods. 

LPG endermologie on the face works to reduce sagging skin by stimulating dormant cells to awaken their natural properties. For example, the majority of issues we see on the face that people want treated are wrinkles and double chins. Endermologie fibroblasts the cells in the face and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Are endermologie results permanent?

If you’re wondering ‘do endermologie results last?’ then the answer is yes but with a caveat. To keep your results at their best, you will have to attend regular maintenance sessions at least once a month otherwise your body may begin to become unresponsive to treatment and your progress can regress. 

Looking at LPG results before and after can give you a good example of how your body can benefit. And if you’ve already had treatment then looking at your before and after pictures can give you all the encouragement that you’d need to keep up with your maintenance treatments.

What is LPG endermologie

Does endermologie have any side effects?

Because it is a 100% natural treatment, there’s a very minimal chance of experiencing any side effects.

The most common side effect that you may experience is mild bruising in the treatment area because of the deep massage and suction provided by the machine. This should heal up in just a few days and provide no hinderance to your treatment plan.

Endermologie is also relatively painless thanks to it being a non-surgical procedure. Some patients may feel slight pain, but most patients don’t mind it and instead find the treatments to be quite relaxing.

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