Endermologie Before and After Pictures

If you have one of a variety of skin or figure issues in different areas of the body then endermologie might just be the best treatment for you.  

LPG lipomassage results can be incredibly successful if you suffer from painful orange peel cellulite, sagging skin, or persistent fat deposits.

One of the ways we tell our clients to prepare for treatment is to take a number of before pictures so that once their treatment plan is complete, they can look back and see just how much the treatment has benefitted them.

It’s when our clients look back at these pictures and see the results for themselves that we find the best reaction is. Nothing beats that emotional feeling when you know you’ve made a difference to someone’s life, even if it is just a boost in confidence and happiness in your own body.

Endermologie before and after comparison

Depending on what issues you are trying to treat, you should expect to see quite a few noticeable improvements to your body or face.

For example, let’s start with what we find to be a common area for endermologie in our clinic: the legs and the bum. In these areas, clients usually enquire about how we can reduce the appearance of cellulite for them as well as clear up any fat deposits.

LPG cellulite before and after

If you take a look at the before picture, you can see that the patient had quite noticeable cellulite and dimpled skin. After completing a course of endermologie treatment, this cellulite is no longer visible and the skin looks healthier, smoother, and more radiant due to the endermologie deep massage stimulating the circulation of blood in the target area.

LPG for legs and bum

Another area that we use endermologie on our clients is the face. We usually have requests to address wrinkles and sagging skin as well as an improvement to the complexion of the skin.

LPG endermologie for face

As you can see, there has been an improvement in overall skin complexion, as well as a reduction in wrinkles on both the upper and lower face. The endermologie machine has massaged the face and stimulated the production of collagen, improving the connective tissue and making the skin on the face appear firmer.

Will LPG endermologie work for me?

How effective endermologie will be for you will mostly depend on what you are trying to treat. Cellulite gets worse over time, as the fat cells, or adipose cells, continue to spill over and form new cellulite or worsen the current issue.

Endermologie is most effective when treating early stages of cellulite. It will still treat late-stage cellulite but you will need more endermologie sessions.

We always advise patients seeking body contouring cellulite treatment to first address their diet and exercise to ensure they are living a healthy lifestyle. If after experiencing some weight loss there are still stubborn pockets of fat in trouble areas of your body then endermologie can help fix this.  

By massaging deep beneath the skin, the endermologie tools can deconstruct the adipose cells and stimulate the cells in your body to deal with the fat deposits. 

We understand that every body is unique, and people have their own issues that they suffer with that are different to everybody else. We can have a sit down with you and come up with a treatment plan that will work to address the specific issues that you are having problems with. And because our staff are trained in all of the latest LPG endermologie methods and supplied with all of the best tools, we can work together to get you feeling happy and confident in your body.

What to expect after endermologie treatment?

Our average full body endermologie session lasts around 35 minutes. A full course of treatment is 15 treatments, but this will be discussed with you when you decide to book a treatment plan with us.

After each session, there may be slight bruising or aches to the target areas because of the deep tissue massage-like effect of the endermologie, but the treatment won’t cause pain and on the whole there will be very minimal side effects. Hopefully this puts you at ease if you find yourself wondering does endermologie hurt!

After a few sessions you may begin to see the early signs that treatment is working. This includes increased blood circulation making the skin appear healthier, and a slight reduction in wrinkles or cellulite.

When following on with treatment, one of the best results you can see is lymphatic circulation. The lymphatic system is crucial to health and wellbeing in the body as the lymphatic system produces immune cells and promotes overall protection from toxins in the body.

In certain areas of the body there are lymph nodes. Over time, due to environmental and diet effects, these lymph notes can become clogged and less effective at clearing excess fluids, fats, and toxins from the body.

When endermologie stimulates the lymphatic nodes under the skin, the body undergoes a lymphatic drainage process. After this, you will find your lymphatic system to be much more effective and able to get rid of stubborn fat deposits easier as well as keep you healthier as time goes on.

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