Does Endermologie Hurt?

The Beauty Barn Clinic and Spa is one of the leading specialists in LPG endermologie treatments in Liverpool and the North West.

We are proud to say that our staff are among some of the most skilled practitioners of lipomassage that you can find for all forms of endermologie treatments because we keep up to date on the latest product research and practitioner advice.

Recently, we have been trying to publish more information regarding endermologie to make more of the general public in the UK aware of this treatment.

Despite endermologie having a great success rate and being a relatively affordable and non-invasive all over skin and body treatment technique, we find that there are quite a few people who have either never heard of it or aren’t sure about what it can actually do for you.

Endermologie began in the 1980s when French developer Louis Paul Guitay invented the LPG endermologie lipomassage tool to treat burn scars. However, after using the treatment on more and more people, he discovered that endermologie treatment actually had a powerful effect on more than just burn scars.

Now, we can use endermologie techniques to treat stubborn fat calls, cellulite, and whole range of other skin issues.

So, continuing our look at endermologie cellulite treatment, we’re going to dive in to a question that we often receive from people who aren’t too familiar with the subject of endermologie: does endermologie hurt?

does endermologie hurt

How does endermologie work?

For those of you wondering what is endermologie and how does it work then we’ll give you a recap.

Endermologie lipomassage is a form of non-invasive skin treatment that has many benefits for both the skin and the body. Because it is non-invasive, you can quickly fit a treatment into your schedule in around 35 minutes with no complications or injection of foreign bodies into the skin.

We use a large machine that comes with a variety of treatment heads which are used to perform the endermologie massage. The machine produces a sucking force that, when applied to your skin, activates dormant cells under the surface.

By activating these cells, they are then primed to combat a whole host of unwanted issues, leaving you feeling happier and more confident in yourself and your body.

When you turn up to an appointment, we will provide you with a thin, white, full body suit. This is called an endermowear suit and it needs to be worn to help the machine heads glide smoothly over your body and treatment areas without issue. It also keeps the machine heads clean and free from natural oils that the body produces which could then potentially clog the machine and impact the effectiveness of the treatment.    

Endermologie’s results are temporary at first, but the more treatments you have then the longer your results will last for. In some cases, such as orange peel cellulite, if you have treatment early enough then it can mean your issue can stop progressing and you can prevent it from creating long-lasting skin damage.

What can endermologie treat?

There seems to be no end to the usefulness of endermologie! Not only can it reduce the appearance of burn scars, but it can be used by aesthetic practitioners to treat a variety of skin and body issues.

These include facial issues like double chins, wrinkled skin, and dark circles around the eyes and more.

Body sculpting is another common reason people get endermologie treatments. This involves the removal of stubborn fat cells that are refusing to shift despite diet and exercise changes. Common areas to receive this treatment include the arms, hips, legs, bum, and the tummy. After treatment, dimpled areas under the skin will be reduced and your body will be more sculpted and your silhouette reduced.

One of our most common uses for endermologie in the clinic is for cellulite smoothing. By going over the cellulite area with the treatment head, our staff can smooth the area and reduce not only the visibility of the cellulite but also the feel of it too.

how does lpg endermologie work with cellulite

Is endermologie painful?

Painful cellulite massage may be experienced if you have late-stage cellulite that is sore to the touch. For everyone else, endermologie will feel similar to a deep tissue massage and won’t be that painful.

In fact, we often have patients who find the treatment to be relaxing and enjoy the sensation that endermologie creates.

Endermologie may also reduce the pain you experience in day-to-day life through such issues as painful, swollen legs. Reducing some of the fat dimples in the legs or treating swollen areas from sodium-rich diets can lighten the legs and reduce swelling.

When will I see results from endermologie?

Endermologie results before and after pictures can show a clear progression towards cellulite reduction over time and after multiple treatments.

Although your results may only be short-term at the start, after more and more sessions with lipomassage your results will last longer and you will start to see more long-term results.

Because endermologie is a non-invasive procedure with very few complications, you can fit two appointments in per week. After a course of 15 sessions, which can take as little as around 8 weeks to get through, you should see very positive results that you will be happy with.

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