How Does Endermologie Work?

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If you want a little bit more information, like how does LPG endermologie work, before booking an appointment, then read on and learn about one of the best ways to get rid of cellulite without any form of surgery or invasive procedures.

What is endermologie?

Endermologie lipomassage is one of the best cellulite treatments in UK clinics at the moment. Even endermologie at home machines are becoming more and more common, especially among celebrities (including Beyonce) due to its effectiveness.

It involves using a high-tech piece of machinery specifically designed and patented by LPG to provide suction on the areas where cellulite is prominent. This suction stimulates dormant cells beneath the skin’s surface that then combat the issue.

What this means is that endermologie is a completely natural treatment method that involves no chemical compounds or injection of foreign substances into the body.

Cellulite is not the only problem that can be addressed by endermologie lipomassage. The procedure also treats wrinkles, stubborn fat stores in specific areas, sagging skin, and even more. 

Fat cells that have proven immoveable despite exercise and diet changes can be broken down by endermologie. This process is targeted at the specific site of fat cells so no matter where your issue is, lipomassage can help fix it.

A build up of fat cells in one location is also the first stage of developing cellulite and that undesirable orange peel effect on the skin. Treating it early means you will not have to suffer from painful cellulite and you will likely need fewer treatment sessions.

Endermologie also stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, compounds that the body struggles to naturally produce by itself as it ages. After treatment, skin will therefore be firmer and less saggy. The benefits of this treatment are most commonly seen on the face, affecting the jowl and double chin areas.

There are so many types of LPG treatments that we offer, so we are sure that you can benefit from some form of LPG endermologie treatment in one way or another.

how does lpg endermologie work with cellulite

How effective is endermologie?

You are probably wondering does lipomassage work in real life and not just in articles on the internet. Our advice to you is to just take a look at some LPG endermologie before and after pictures that some clients use alongside their LPG endermologie reviews and see the results for yourself.

Endermologie provides a much more effective treatment method than a cling film wrap for cellulite, or laser treatment for cellulite in the UK, which are other methods of treating the skin issue.

Lipomassage can also provide effect relief from heavy feeling legs which are common among people who sit for long periods of the day or spend a long time wearing fitted clothing, as well as those with high sodium in their diet.  

You may start to see results from as little as three sessions. Although it is advised to continue with a full course of treatment that is suitable for your own skin issues.

How much is endermologie?

Generally, endermologie is cost effective when you take into account that the service is able to treat such a large number of issues all over the body.

Endermologie prices can rise if you only go through with a few treatments and then the issue comes back. It is better the follow through with a full course to maximise the chance of permanent removal of your skin problem.

A full body treatment from us at Beauty Barn costs £45. If you book a full course of either 10 or 15 treatments with us then you will receive a discount on the total cost. 

Is endermologie painful?

If you are troubled by quite severe cellulite then endermologie may be a slightly more painful cellulite massage than you are used to.

However, people liken the experience of undergoing endermologie treatment to receiving a deep tissue massage. So, if you have had a deep tissue massage before then you should know what to expect.

Whether you find this painful or not will be individual to yourself. There are some patients who find endermologie and deep tissue massages relaxing and have no problem with them.

The LPG machine does provide quite a bit of powerful suction that travels deep into the skin but it is relatively painless.

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