Alcohol and Laser Hair Removal

Removing unwanted body hair has never been easier. Gone are the days of having to shave multiple times a week, taking up all of your time in the mornings and irritating your skin in the process.

Now, you can undergo a laser hair removal course and be left with long-lasting smooth skin for years to come.

Laser treatments in a clinic are affordable and convenient. While there are more expensive alternatives that you can opt for if you wish to splash out on an at-home device, they generally are not as effective as the professional equipment used in a clinic at the hands of an expert.

However, laser hair removal in Liverpool is not as simple as just turning up to your appointment and leaving hairless. There are preparations and aftercare instructions for laser hair removal that you must follow, as well as expectations that should be tempered until you have attended at least 5+ treatments.

One element of preparation that you will be informed of during your consultation for laser hair removal, that you may not have expected to discuss, is alcohol. In this post, we’ll go over what you should and shouldn’t do regarding alcohol if you want to attend laser hair treatments, and why this is so.

Is alcohol bad for your skin?

Yes, alcohol intake can have adverse side effects that show through your skin. This includes hot red flushes, dry dehydrated skin, and decreased elasticity.

The reason for this is that alcohol is what’s known as a diuretic. This means that it causes your body to create more urine and expel salt and water from the body, dehydrating your body and your skin.

While these side effects are more common after prolonged, excessive alcohol consumption, you should still be aware of these effects if you want your skin to remain in optimal condition – which you should if you plan on attending laser hair removal sessions.

Can you drink alcohol before laser hair removal?

Drinking alcohol before laser hair removal is not advised. If you consume alcohol 24 hours before your session, your skin may be more sensitive than normal, making the procedure more painful.

There can also be other complications that arise during laser hair removal if you have alcohol in your system. If your skin is red and flushed, you may be at an increased risk of damaging the outermost epidermis layer of your skin during treatment, leaving you with blisters.

Instead of drinking alcohol before your appointment, you should monitor your water intake and make sure you are well hydrate. This will regulate your body temperature and help your treatment session go more smoothly, leaving you with better results.

Can I drink alcohol after laser hair removal?

Drinking alcohol in the 24 hours after your appointment is generally less of an issue, but you should keep in mind that your skin may become dehydrated as a result which is not ideal when you are supposed to be recovering.

If you want your skin to recover as best as it can after treatment, then you should avoid alcohol while your skin is still sensitive. Although if you are attending an event and wish to have one drink, then this is not the end of the world – just make sure you are drinking plenty of water too!

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