SPF and Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a very quick, safe, and convenient beauty treatment these days. The advancements in relevant knowledge and technology have made it one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available worldwide.

However, it is still worthwhile remembering that laser hair removal is not without side effects. The most notable side effect being increased sensitivity of the skin that you will have to care for by following the appropriate aftercare instructions.

Here is some useful information regarding the relationship between our skin and sunlight (UV light) following laser hair removal treatments, and what actions you should take if you are receiving laser hair treatment.

Laser hair removal and sun exposure

Sun exposure and laser hair removal do not go well together. You may think that the sun is great for our skin, and to an extent you would be right. It is important to spend time outdoors to get sufficient vitamin D and feel healthier.

But the sun is also very dangerous for our skin, and we should do all that we can to mitigate the effects of sun damage if we want to avoid harm or premature ageing – especially if you are receiving (or are considering) laser hair removal treatment.

This is because the lasers that are used for hair removal treatments target the melanin in our hair and cause the hair follicles located in our skin to burn. As the follicles burn, the skin in the treated area becomes damaged, which makes it more susceptible to further damage from sun exposure.

The damaged skin needs to heal before the area can be treated again, and it will need to be treated again as it can take up to 8 sessions of laser hair removal to see permanent hair loss.

However, melanin is not just found in our hair – it is also present in our skin, too. Exposure to the sun can cause an increase in melanin in the skin, which can make receiving laser hair removal more difficult or more dangerous.

Not only does sun damage make receiving laser hair treatments more difficult (it may also unqualify you for treatment if you currently have signs of sun damage), it will also increase the likelihood that you will see unwanted side effects after treatment such as skin blistering and dark spots (hyperpigmentation).

why SPF should be a main component of your skincare and beauty regime, protecting you from sun damage and early signs of ageing creeping up on you every single day.

One surefire way to protect yourself from sun damage without the use of SPF is to cover up. Wear long sleeved clothing or a wide-brimmed hat, depending on what part of your body is currently being treated.

Can I tan after laser hair removal?

No, you should not tan after you have received laser hair removal. If you are currently in the middle of a treatment plan, then you should try your best to avoid any tanning until you have completed your treatments and have no sessions left.

If you have completed your treatment, then you should wait for at least a week before tanning your skin to ensure that you are giving yourself adequate time to heal and the best chance at being protected.

As always, if you plan on tanning your skin, then you should wear a suitably SPF rated sun cream to avoid damaging your skin.

How long to avoid the sun before laser hair removal?

Try to avoid any sun exposure before every laser hair removal session as much as you can in order to see the best possible results.

It is just as important to limit sun exposure before laser hair removal as it is post-laser hair removal when following your laser hair removal aftercare instructions.

If your skin has been tanned or damaged by the sun before a session of laser hair removal, then you may be at risk of:

  • Hindering your results
  • Damaging your skin
  • Being unable to be treated

Unfortunately, if you have skin that shows signs of sun exposure before your session, then your treatment provider may advise you to reschedule your appointment for a later date when your skin has fully healed.

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